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Aalo - Development of Childhood Milestones App

Aalo, which means ‘light’ or ‘uncovering something’, is very appropriate to this App's purpose, which is to provide for early detection of developmental delays. This is a continuation of the project, Childhood Milestones App, which was proposed to address this growing need in Bangladesh, with the purpose of identifying, referring and advocating for children, families, and communities. 

I joined this project as part of MIT's HST.936 Global Health Informatics Course I completed while I was living in Cambridge, MA during my internship at Open Style Lab. 

For this project I helped port our questionnaires to SANA, an open source telemedicine platform that allows us to connect our collected data with an Open Medical Record System.


  • Vaishali Chaudhuri 
  • Jessica Lawrence 
  • Shalini Murkherjee 
  • Stephanie Valencia

Project Advisors:

  • William Bosl *
  • Wing Hsieh **
  • Tuba Rashid Khan **
  • Irfan Mahmud **

*(Univ. San Francisco project leader)

**Harvard Medical School


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