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CreARTE - Art through the fingertips

“CreARTE” is a multiplayer board game designed to promote inclusive play of both kids and adults with and without visual impairments while they learn about colors.

Crearte is both a game and an educational tool. It teaches a color coding method that like braille, has established a pattern for each color.

The Color code was designed by the Colombian artist Constanza Bonilla. Although established, as a literary work, few people know about The Constanz System. Incorporating it into a game could help spread the code and contribute to bringing art and color into the conversation for all.

The code is based on the color theory and the association of color with relatable objects. (i.e Yellow: straight lines as the sun’s rays, Blue: waves like the sea, Red: spiky zig-zag lines like flames).  

Introducing colors by touch can enable the player to develop his/her ability to interpret touchable patterns; a very important skill for new braille learners. The game has been in use since 2011 at the Public Library “José Felix de Restrepo” in Envigado, Colombia, where it has motivated the implementation of art workshops for people with visual impairments through this coding system.

Crearte was also awarded "Technology Most Likely to close the Gap in Developing Countries" at the 2013 RESNA conference in Seattle, WA

Game instructions and story were featured in the RESNA Blog


Game Methodology

The game has 5 boards; each board has 12 circles that hold a different color pattern. Some colors can appear more than one time on the boards. The game methodology is similar to Bingo in that a moderator is required. The moderator’s job is to announce the colors he draws out from a bag that contains 20 labeled chips in braille and written text.

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