Momba Live Long - Helping mothers in New Haven Quit Smoking

The ability to remotely and automatically detect whether someone has been smoking can develop systems that promote smoking cessation via behavioral management or gamification. This has motivated the development of portable and inexpensive CO monitors to enable remote smoking status detection in a wide variety of settings.

MoMba Live Long™ is a smartphone application that uses both Contigency Management and social media to help “MoMba Moms” support each other as they work to quit smoking.

Our system uses an electrochemical CO gas sensor known as the Sensordrone, designed to measure environmental CO and built by Sensorcon Inc. The Sensordrone is paired with a smartphone to report data automatically via the internet as a user blows into a disposable mouthpiece connected to a custom 3D printed chassis encasing the Sensordrone.


PI: Dr. Megan Smith

Clinical Team:

  • Dr. Linda Mayes
  • Dr. Kimberly A. Yonkers
  • Dr. Ruth Arnold
  • Laura Callinan
  • Cerella Craig
  • Ana Luisa B.T. Dau
  • Brittany Lange
  • Dr. Marilena Mademtzi
  • Emily Samuel
  • Kimberly Streater

Technical Team:

  • Dr. Frederick Shic
  • Michael Perlmutter
  • Brandon Hudik
  • JC. Snider
  • Stephanie Valencia

Publication:  S. Valencia, M. Smith, A. Atyabi, F. Shic. Mobile Ascertainment of Smoking Status: A Machine Learning Approach. To appear in IEEE Xplore Digital Library (IEEE-UEMCOM) 2016


MoMba Live Long Website

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