PIC microcontroller - Flexiforce Sensors - Thermoforming - Kinovea

PTB Pediatric Prosthesis

The Mahavir-Kmina Foundation in Medellín, Colombia provides lower limb amputees with leg prosthesis free of charge. We collaborated to built a socket pressure measuring system for patellar bearing (PTB) prosthesis. We designed the system using Flexiforce sensors and thermoplastics.

This project was developed during my undergraduates studies, it integrates skills from several subjects such as biomechanics, digital electronics, mechanics of bio-fluids, anatomy and physiology.

We developed a pressure measurement system and designed a mechanic shock absorber to inform the design of lower- limb transtibial prosthesis and minimize pressure points. We hypothesized that a patellar-bearing socket design and the use of a shock absorber would reduce pressure values in critical points in the socket.

The model was build and tested with a 12 year-old patient. We measured pressures with our prosthesis and the patient’s prosthesis for comparison.

You can find a paper of this work here (in Spanish)


  • Elisa Mejia
  • Ana Isabel Rua
  • Stephanie Valencia

All of the team members contributed equally to the project.


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