Arduino - Behavioral Coding - SPSS

The Sensory Toy Box Project

Sensory preferences of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are often unique from their peers, making it challenging to identify learning interfaces that promote engagement.

The autonomous collection of data during a child’s naturalistic play has the potential to provide unique insights into how children interact and engage with different sensory feedback modes.

We developed and evaluated the Sensory Toy Box (Valencia, 2016), a device that can be activated in 9 different ways (through a button press, texture touch and/or placement of objects). The device logs each activation and provides different types of feedback in response such as sounds and light.

Through this study we seek to 1) enable direct identification of sensory preferences through a child-oriented play approach and 2) examine engagement within the different sensory feedback modes among typically developing (TD) and ASD groups.

 Our results suggest that box-collected play patterns can serve as an index for clinically-relevant characteristics of ASD. I am currently working on a paper to share more about this work.


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