Arduino - Fusion 360 - Python - IR Sensors - Ultrasound - Haptics

Wheelsense - Augmenting the wheelchair

It is all about the people. Danny has cerebral palsy and cortical visual impairment. For one whole amazing week,  a group of friends and I immersed ourselves in Danny’s life to understand his daily challenges, identify opportunities to make things better and build solutions for him.

We identified navigation as a big challenge with ramps and edges being specially hard to detect. We augmented his wheelchair and added ramp lateral edge detection, frontal drop off detection and backing assistance through multi-modal feedback.


  • Pierre Karashchuk
  • Kelly Peng
  • Oscar Segovia
  • Ryan Sterlich
  • Tomás Vega
  • Stephanie Valencia


To skip to see the final prototype we built during our weeklong makeathon play the video starting at 3:45 

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